Help Shoppe Adds Survival Role to Emergency Preparedness Kit 

Today Fist Aid Shoppe reported that they have added a survival function to their ResQue1st Complete First Aid and Emergency Preparedness Kit. Aid Shoppe is a supplier of top-tier first help and survival gear and kits. "Emergencies are available in many shapes and sizes," says First Aid Shoppe COO, Anna Loehwing, "With our ResQue1st Emergency Preparedness & First Aid Kit and Bug Out Bag we've developed a solution that covers practically any emergency situation, from first aid to survival preparedness.".

The ResQue1st Emergency Preparedness & First Aid Kit by First Aid Shoppe is a full-featured combination emergency treatment kit and survival bag, with items to handle medical and first aid emergencies, as well as survival items that can aid with survival in the event of sudden displacement or natural disaster. The kit features an emergency radio, a flashlight, poncho, emergency blanket, a whistle, a particle mask (for breathing in contaminated environments), eye wash, eye pad, burn cream and vital emergency treatment products, consisting of bandages, wipes, gloves, gauze, a splint, ice bag, sting relief, aspirin and more. All this is stored in a conveniently sized (8 x 4 x 10 inches; 2 pounds) bag with complete indexing of products utilizing the Easy Access Pocket System. This system makes it easy to find and put back products as needed when done. "We made this kit to cover practically any emergency situation," states Ms. Loehwing. "And if things actually get hard and you have to 'bug out', it has everything you have to endure for a couple of days too.". The kit is available through First Aid Shoppe.



Date: April, 24, 2016 By Admin